Sewage Treatment Plants

In order to best meet our client’s needs, we use the treatment technology that is most appropriate for each application. Technologies that we have used include: flat plate membrane bioreactors (MBRs), tubular MBRs, hollow fiber MBRs, and submerged fixed film. Typically, for our oil, mining, and tourism industry clients we use MBRs and for our other clients we use submerged fixed film treatment technology.





Village & Subdivision


Lifewater Sewage Treatment Plant Locations

Cold Climate Innovation

Since we live and work in the Arctic/sub-Arctic, we know cold. We design and manufacture systems that work in this harsh and fragile environment. Our above ground systems are designed for extreme conditions; they will not freeze in arctic cold or crack in desert heat.

Our company was founded on innovation, and since our first patent on our systems, we have continually looked to improve them. Lifewater strives to be at the forefront of the latest developments in cold weather engineering and leading standards in plastic welding.

We have a research and development relationship with the Cold Climate Housing Research Center located on the Univeristy of Alaska Fairbanks campus; and we have been working with them on developing low energy systems for sustainable villages and communities. We have a culture of innovation and our employees are always looking for better design and improvements to our systems.


Sustainable Solutions

Ever tighter state, federal, and local environmental regulations are often what bring clients to us since Lifewater’s Extreme STP wastewater treatment plans provide high effluent quality meeting all discharge requirements.

Recognizing the importance of a healthy environment, environmental sustainability is at the core of who we are: our mission statement,

“Providing top quality wastewater treatment for a healthier world.”

Residential Effluent: Summer

Residential Effluent: Winter

Commercial Effluent


We will work with you to define your need and determine the best solution. Then we will quote a system or product that will work for you.