A versatile, ventilated, waterless toilet

Designed by Alaskans to bring indoor sanitation and fresh air to unserved communities or homes. An included fan removes all odors, improves air quality, and removes the need for harmful chemicals. All three modes can be converted or upgraded.

Ventilated Honey Bucket

Starting at $1,106.00

The quickest and simplest improvement of the regular Honey Bucket. Requires an electrical outlet and vent to the outside for odor-removing fan.

This system can be easily modified into other modes if desired.

Separating Toilet

Starting at $1,822.00

This Mode includes a separating toilet seat to direct solids to the bucket and liquids to the bag. Separating wastes can be disposed of easily and hygienically; the vent-dried solids can be burned or landfilled in composting bags, and the liquids can be surface discharged or diluted for fertilizer.

Separating Toilet with Discharge Hose

Starting at $2,074.00

All the benefits of Mode 2 + an additional hose to discharge urine to an outside tank or seepage pit (proven to provide underground drainage year-round) even in Arctic areas of permafrost, unstable soil, and high water table.

Homeowners can work remotely with our engineering team to customize their installation and ensure the success of the whole system.

Contact us to upgrade your toilet with a battery backup! Great for remote communities that are subject to power outages.

Comfort – Odor-free – Easy Handling – Waterless – Environmentally Friendly

Starting at $1,495.00

Separett® waterless toilets are designed to be placed in homes and cabins where there is no access to septic systems, or where a homeowner desires to use less water. The Separett® Villa uses minimal electricity and can be used with a graywater system for simple wastewater disposal.

  • Small, energy-efficient fan keeps odors and moisture circulating out of the room
  • Impact-resistant high gloss polypropylene material (recyclable)
  • Concealing view screen with an automatically rotating bucket
  • Child seats are provided with the toilet to meet the entire family’s needs


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