Above Ground/Partially Below Ground

Starting at $6,000

Our outdoor lift stations are designed for houses with a permafrost foundation (post-and-pad or pilings, adjustable or non-adjustable). The lift station attaches to the house so when the house moves, the lift station moves with it.

  • Insulated lift station designed to operate -60°F
  • Double-walled, insulated, plastic tank that attaches to the outside of a house or cabin
  • Perfect for pumping into an above ground model SST treatment system or to any engineered system requiring an artic grade lift station
  • Easily removable lid that provides full access to the pump compartment
  • Integral heat trace, easily replaceable
  • Solids handling sewage pump that delivers 10 gallons per pump cycle
  • High water alarm
  • Electrical junction box mounted on a small external panel to be secured to the building

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We work with each of our clients to define their exact need and determine the best solution for the problem. We then quote a system or product designed specifically to work for you.