Manufacturing & Fabrication

Product Design

Our team is available to help you bring your ideas and solutions into reality. We use 3D CAD to aid in the design process. By creating the part digitally then the parts can be easily transformed into a real object.

Plastic Fabrication

With certified plastic welding craftsmen on our staff we can take on simple or complex projects. This can range from a simple battery cover or bench-top to a complex tank with structural supports. Some of the tools we use include 3D CAD, 3-axis CNC router, various saws, extrusion welders, and butt fusion equipment.

Containerizing Your Equipment

We can provide a solution for you that will allow you equipment to operate in the arctic, antarctic, or anywhere on earth.

Some of our solutions include modifying standardized shipping containers to meet your needs. These can be stand alone units or modularized units tied together with plumbing and electrical. Sound arctic engineering is employed to ensure your equipment will work in all environments.

We can also build custom enclosures designed to meet your specifications. These can include custom skid frames, insulation & ventilation packages, and remote monitoring systems.

CNC Router

With our CNC router we can custom machine plastic, wood, foam, or aluminum. Some of the applications include mill-work, exhibits and fixtures, cabinetry, and sign making.
Our available table space is 5 feet wide by 10 feet long. We can machine ultra thin material up to 3 inches thick. Our router is equipped with a 12 position tool holder which makes a variety of cutting tools available to the machine.


We will work with you to define your need and determine the best solution. Then we will quote a system or product that will work for you.