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Lifewater Engineering Company (Lifewater) is both a manufacturing company and an environmental engineering company.  We provide pre-engineered and custom-engineered wastewater treatment plants for cold climates.  We also provide environmental engineering consulting in the fields of wastewater treatment, water treatment, and cold regions engineering. 


Although our wastewater treatment plants are especially designed for cold climates, our systems will work anywhere.  If our pre-engineered package plants are not a good fit for your project, we can custom design and build a residential, community, commercial, or industrial wastewater treatment plant for your specific needs. 


We live in the North and our specialty is handling tough sites – those with a harsh climate (extremely cold weather, high winds), difficult access (remote, seasonal access, aircraft required), poor soil conditions (permafrost, clay, bedrock, peat bog, swamp), sensitive receiving environment, or any other challenge you face.


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Design, consulting, cold regions engineering instruction




Manufacturing and Fabrication


Plastic fabrication, custom design and build, CNC router machining





Residential Treatment System Maintenance



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