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Residential Wastewater Treatment Systems


Lifewater Engineering Company offers above ground and below ground ExtremeSTP® residential sewage treatment plants. The above ground units are specifically designed for areas where permafrost, bedrock or other ground or soil conditions make it impractical to install a below ground system. For the above ground systems, the preferred location for discharge is undisturbed, thick, natural vegetation such as a black spruce forest floor, the tundra surface, or a peat bog.


Lifewater’s residential ExtremeSTP® sewage treatment plants:


• Will operate at -60°F (-53°C), provided reliable electrical power is available
• Will not corrode and never need painting
• Are sized for aircraft transport to remote northern communities
• Utilize submerged fixed film activated sludge aerobic sewage treatment
• Include UV disinfection
• Include an effluent pump 


The following types of systems are available:


• Double-walled, fully insulated systems for outdoor installation above ground
• Single-walled, uninsulated systems for indoor installation
• Single-walled, insulated or uninsulated systems for installation below ground


The following optional equipment is available for residential or small commercial use:


• Arctic outdoor lift station (to lift raw sewage up into an above ground treatment plant)
• Thermosyphon (to keep the permafrost underneath the system frozen )


Residential System Selector 


 No. Bedrooms   No. People 

 Water Hauled 

to Site

 Water Piped 

to Site


 Water Well 

1 1 to 2 SST150 SST150 SST150
2 1 to 4 SST150    
3 1 to 6 SST150    
4 1 to 8 SST600 SST600 SST600










Larger Homes or Apartment Buildings


Larger models are available for larger homes and apartment buildings. 



Systems suitable for subdivisions are described under Village, Subdivision, or Cluster Systems

ExtremeSTP (XSTP)® 


Available models:







The Separett Toilet


Separett® waterless toilets are designed to be placed in homes and cabins where there is no access to septic systems, or where a homeowner desires to use less water.

Village, Subdivisions and Cluster Systems

Fixed film or membrane bioreactor systems provide alternatives to lagoons and traditional wastewater treatment plants.


SST1200 (fixed film)



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