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“Working with Lifewater Engineering has been extraordinary. Bob Tsigonis and his staff have gone the extra mile with the custom design, build, and installation of our sewage treatment system. It is rare that one can say they are completely satisfied with any service or product but I have no hesitation in saying that Doyon Tourism, Inc. is in fact 100% satisfied with Lifewater Engineering!"~Marie Monroe, General Manager Doyon Tourism, Inc. Denali. AK" 

DragonFly 4.0  DragonFly


Available - Spring 2016. The creative minds at Lifewater Engineering Company are excited to bring you North America's first plastic hull mini jet boat, the DragonFly. With 190+ horse power, this sport utility boat is designed to run in shallow water and deliver an unparalleled boating experience!


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Our ExtremeSTP residential systems are designed to provide peace of mind for homeowners sitting on permafrost, bedrock, and poor soil or ground conditions making it impractical to install a traditional below ground septic system. We work with individuals and housing authorities for successful completion of your project. 



Portable systems: 

Our ExtremeSTP models use membrane bioreactor (MBR) technology and feature transportable and easy installation, the durable ExtremeSTP offers the best choice for remote camps and facilities.


Non- portable systems:


For non-portable systems we use the best wastewater technology tailored to your operational needs based on average gallons per day. 



Village, Subdivisions and Cluster Systems:

Fixed film or CMBR systems provide the best alternatives to a traditional wastewater treatment plant.



  Arctic Outdoor Lift Station


Our outdoor lift station is designed for houses that have a permafrost foundation (post-and-pad or pilings, adjustable or non-adjustable). The lift station bolts to the house so when the house moves, the lift station moves with it.



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  Separett Toilet


Separett® waterless toilets are designed to be placed in homes and cabins where there is no access to septic systems, or where a homeowner desires to use less water.









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