Cold climate sewage treatment specialists

Product Design and Custom Fabrication

Our engineering and fabrication personnel are available to help you put your ideas and dreams onto paper and into reality.


Using Solid Works 3-D design software we can create a 3-dimensional computer model of your idea or product.


We can then fabricate your inspiration to your satisfaction.



Machining with a CNC Router

We offer custom machining with our CNC router. The router table can handle a sheet of plastic or wood that is 5 feet wide by 10 feet long.


Plastic Fabrication

We have several different sizes and types of extrusion and injection welders that can be used to fabricate almost anything plastic you can imagine.


Containerizing Your Equipment

If you have equipment that needs to be packaged to operate in the Arctic or Antarctic, we can do that for you.


We frequently modify standard shipping containers to house our treatment plants.


We also build smaller custom equipment enclosures from plastic.


Contact us to take your project from a dream to reality

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