Cold climate sewage treatment specialists


Near the end of 1998 a couple in Fairbanks, Alaska asked founder, Bob Tsigonis, to design a

sewage treatment system for their home, which was built on permafrost. Permafrost, which layers much of interior and northern Alaska, is ground that is permanently frozen, often to great depths, with only the surface thawing in summer.


The homeowners did not want to install a traditional septic system that could cause the permafrost to thaw and jeopardize the foundation of their home. They imagined an onsite residential sewage treatment system that did not require any buried tanks or a leach field, worked above ground at -60F, was simple to install, easy to operate and maintain, reasonably priced, and approved by the State of Alaska. 


Curiosity and innovative ideas ignited the imagination of Lifewater’s founder. Being a man of faith, Bob clarifies that after a time of prayer, an elegantly simple design emerged, culminating in a system that brought value and peace of mind to the homeowner, and met all of his requirements.


Since Lifewater's early days in a rustic shop in the woods we moved to our current facility on Metro Airfield in Fairbanks.  and began pursuing larger projects. Having the space to research and design new systems enables us to offer fast development and delivery, which saves money and provides value to our customers.


At Lifewater today, we continue to embrace constant improvement.

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